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Here are the most recent important announcements about Seagull Networks, in reverse chronological order (the most recent items first).

4 December 2020

Our website is back up. After being dark for so long, we've decided to rise from the ashes and pick up where we left off!

18 September 2007

5:41 PM UPDATE - Most connectivity has been restored. We will keep working until everything is restored and all services are working as they should.

We experienced a massive disruption in network services today. Half of our network is still down, and we are working hard to get everything up and running again. Please bear with us as we work on restoring all services.

14 September 2006

We were the victim of a massive IRC-based flood that caused most services to be down this morning. The flood has been wiped up and things should be back to normal now. I apologize for the downtime that this caused.

7 May 2006

Today, we had a massive attack on our DNS servers. Even though all other servers were fine and operational, the attack on the DNS servers caused most domain names we host to be unreachable. The problem has been fixed, and I am hopeful it will not happen again.

1 May 2006

We suffered another heavy denial of service attack between midnight and 2AM. Fortunately, we were able to filter against the attack, so everything is back to normal.

18 April 2006

Since 6AM pacific time, we have been experiencing a heavy denial of service attack on our network. It is causing all machines on the network to be inaccessible. We are working with our upstream provider to fix the problem and will report back here as soon as things return to normal.

7 June 2005

We have partnered with Andrew Tomazos, software developer and Internet personality. Announcements on this new venture will be forthcoming. Keep your eyes opened!

16 January 2005

Another major router problem caused a severe outage for parts of our network between the hours of 12 noon and 5 PM pacific time. I have a new router on order and will have it installed later this week. I apologize for the problems and hope the new router will solve things once and for all.

6 December 2004

At around 9AM today, we suffered a major router problem, due it seems to a denial of service attack. The problem was rectified an hour later. More information will be posted as we perform a post-mortem analysis.

22 October 2004

At about 12:30PM today we had to perform emergency work on our gateway router to fix a network congestion problem. Connectivity was up and down over a period of 10 minutes while this work was performed. Everything is now back to normal, and there should be no further network congestion problems.

4 May 2004

All network glitches have been fixed. If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know, as there may still be some transient issues that need to be addressed.

30 April 2004

We have been experiencing network glitches today and are attempting to resolve them as quickly as possible. Some customers may experience intermittent connectivity issues as we fix the problem.

5 March 2004

6:50 PM - All congestion issues have been resolved. Thank you again for your patience. Once we have completed our move to the new network, these problems will be a thing of the past.

6:30 AM - The network switch has been fixed, and all machines on our old network now work correctly. However, we are still working on a congestion issue, which should be resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience.

At about 5:00 AM this morning, we suffered a switch malfunction which caused part of the network to go down. We are in the process of restoring that part of the network. We apologize for the downtime and will try to bring this part of the network back up as quickly as possible.

25 February 2004

1:50 PM - Power has been restored, and all network services are now up. We apologize again for the outage and are working hard to move everything to our new location.

11:50 AM - A massive power outage in the area has caused major problems for us. The UPS systems in place are not strong enough to deal with the power failures, and the network is currently bouncing. About 1/4 of the network is currently down, and we are working hard to bring it up again. We are working hard to get everything stabilized as quickly as possible. I apologize for the problems. As soon as our move to the new facility is complete, power outages like this will be a thing of the past. We will post an update as soon as we have more information.

26 August 2003

We had a major power outage in the area this morning. The backup power kicked in as it was supposed to, but the backup generators in the building never kicked in, so the UPS units ran out of juice before the power could be restored. Fortunately, the network lost power for only around 30 minutes, although the outage lasted sigificantly longer. We apologize for the problems. This is one of the major reasons the network will be relocating soon.

31 July 2003

Our phone has changed to 206 374 2605. This is also our fax number for the time being. The numbers will most likely change again once we have completed our planned move, which should take place in around three months time. We will keep you updated as soon as we have new information.

30 July 2003

Our new circuit with Netifice is up and running. This provides us with further redundancy and much needed bandwidth capacity.

12 February 2003

We lost our Sprint connection last night. The connection was restored at 9:00 AM this morning. Although traffic was rerouted through our other three connections, some customers may have experienced sluggishness. We apologize for the problem.

26 January 2003

The SQL worm brought our network offline for almost 2 hours today. We lost connectivity to all of our upstreams, but everything was restored at around 1:45 PM Pacific time. There are still parts of the Internet that are still inaccesible in the area. Hopefully, the SQL worm will dissipate in the next few days.

25 January 2003

A systematic attack on the Internet caused service disruptions for some of our customers beginning at 9:40 PM Pacific Time last night to 6:40 AM Pacific Time this morning. Attackers were looking for Microsoft SQL servers, which are vulnerable to being exploited. Fortunately, we don't run Microsoft products on our network, so we were not susceptible to exploit. However, it did cause a global slowdown throughout the entire Internet until the attack was over. See Electronic attack slows Internet for more details.

9 January 2003

Savvis went down again today at around 11:30 AM Pacific time. They claim it was part of the network that doesn't belong to them, and that they were working to bring the connection back up again. The issue was resolved at 9:30 PM Pacific time. In the interim, all network traffic was rerouted through our Sprint and Qwest connections.

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