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Domain Forwarding Service
Domain Forwarding Service
$30/six months

Domain forwarding gives you the power to control your email. Not only can you have a nice vanity email address, you can filter your email in various ways. Let's look at the possibilities:

Imagine having as your permanent email address...

Isn't that much nicer and much easier than

So, if your domain name is, and your name is Francis Johnson, your permanent email address could be!

Imagine being able to give this address out to friends and associates! And unlike other services that simply tack on your name to their domain, this email address is uniquely yours! And if there are others in your family or business that already have Internet access, and you want to give each of them their own unique email address, you can do it. Your associate can be, your aunt can be, and your cousin can be The possibilities are endless!

Find out who's giving out your email address

Would you like to be able to monitor and control your incoming email? Let's say you have given your email address to someone. Wouldn't you like to know if that someone ends up giving it to someone else? You can easily track this by giving each person or organization a slightly different version of your email address. Then, when you receive email from an unknown source, you can easily distinguish where the unknown source got your email address.

Here's an example (for the sake of the examples, we'll assume your domain is ""): You want to sign up for one of those joke a day mailing lists, but you're concerned about what the list maintainer is going to do with your email address. So, you give them this email address: They will address the daily joke to this email address, and our mail server will forward the joke to your real email address. You will know that the email you receive is from them because there will be a special extra header in the email message that shows you what email address they sent the message to. It will look like this:

Now, let's say you start getting SPAM at and you can't get the SPAMMERS to stop emailing you. No problem. Just disable the email address. It's simple with our web-based interface. You will no longer get your daily joke, but since the list maintainer probably sold or gave away your email address to a SPAM list, you no longer want anything from them anyway.

In order to make this mail tracking system work, never give out your real email address. Instead, only give out a vanity email address that gets forwarded to your real email address. That way, your real email address will never appear on any undesirable mailing list. If you've already given out your real email address, you will probably need to obtain another one, either through one of the free services (like hotmail or yahoo) or through your ISP. If you use AOL, you should easily be able to request a new screen name. With other providers, it might be a little more difficult. But once you do obtain a new email account, do not give the address out to anyone! Instead, give them a vanity email address that will forward to your real email address.

How about URL redirection?

If you already have a web site with another provider (maybe it came free with your dialup account), and you want people to be able to access your web site using your domain, we offer URL redirection free of charge, when you order our domain forwarding account. This means that you can give out:

instead of something like:

How does it work?

When someone makes a request for your domain name, our web server will automatically redirect their request to your actual web site. When someone sends email to a username at your domain, our mail server automatically forwards the email to the appropriate email address you've designated. With our web-based interface, you can make changes to the forwarding for your account as often as you like, and the changes will take effect immediately.

Who needs this service?

This service is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an inexpensive way to maintain a uniquely personal email address. If you fall into any of these categories, you should definitely consider this service:

  • CompuServe or AOL customers who want an Internet-friendly email address
  • Someone who moves frequently
  • Someone who changes Internet providers frequently
  • Someone who wants to proactively handle unwanted email
  • Consultants and small businesses looking for a more professional appearance

So, how do I get this service?

  • Fill out our order form - If you will be requesting a new domain name along with your one-year order forwarding order, we will register the domain name for you ABSOLUTELY FREE (a $35 value when you compare what Network Solutions charges). If you already have a domain name, we can transfer it to our name servers. The process of transferring an existing domain name may take anywhere from a day to a week depending on the registrar and the validity of contact information associated with the domain. If we register a new domain name for you, it will usually be active within 24 hours.
  • Sit back and relax - after a few hours, we should have your information installed on our server, and you should be on your way to having your domain name redirection taking people wherever you want them to go!

After you have set up your account, you may make as many changes as you like to the list of names and corresponding email addresses. You can change the default email address (where all your email will get delivered), or set up filters and other forwarding information, up to 25 different filters or forwards in all.

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