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Virtual SMTP and POP3 Mail Servers

Many virtual hosting companies give you one email address, or they let you designate a few aliases, but you still end up with one mailbox in which everything gets stuffed. Depending on how their virtual sites are set up, desirable addresses such as may not even be available: this is due to an awkward aliasing scheme some companies use to separate mail for each address. Since their computers are really only set up for one domain, all mail going to and all mail going to end up in the same mail box.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have all mail sent to webmaster and all mail sent to sales go into separate mail boxes automatically? How about mail boxes for your employees or associates? That's where virtual SMTP and POP3 mail servers come in handy. The Admiral package includes full-featured professional mail services for companies who demand the best.

We don't place limits on how many email addresses you want. Create one, five, or a hundred of them, and each address gets its very own mail box. Then, if you want to retrieve the mail for sales, just configure your mail client (such as Eudora) to grab the mail for Eudora will connect to your virtual POP3 mail server, retrieve all waiting messages for sales, and disconnect. Create another Eudora settings file for, or, or configure another computer at your site to retrieve mail for these addresses. We even have a sophisticated web-based interface for creating new addresses, deleting them, and changing associated passwords. It's that simple!

As an added benefit, you can still create as many aliases as you need. So, if you want all mail addressed to sales, marketing, and adspace to go to joe, you can do it easily. In short, all possible addresses at are completely yours. You don't share them with anyone, and you can configure any of them to alias other addresses, use mailbots, or have their own individual mailboxes.

You might be asking yourself: why aren't other companies offering this level of service? Frankly, most companies do not have the expertise to design, develop, and re-engineer system-level software. It requires the rewriting of low-level routines and complex configuration files, something only top-notched software engineers, such as those we employ at Seagull Networks, are capable of.

If you need professional mail services, nothing less than virtual SMTP and POP3 mail servers will do. And, we are one of the few companies who offer this exciting service.

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