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At Seagull Networks, we offer five levels of web service, and each level comes with what we feel is a generous amount of server space.

For the Ensign package, you get 20 megabytes of space. This is an excellent choice if you want to get your feet wet. It might even be enough for a small business.

For the Lieutenant package, you get 50 megabytes of space, which should be plenty for all but the most intensive web sites. Even if you are running the web site for your small business, 50 megabytes may be enough space.

The Commander package comes with 100 megabytes of space, for those situations where 50 is just not enough.

The Captain package includes 150 megabytes of space. If you have a shareware software company and you want customers to be able to download your latest greatest product or the half dozen or so patches required to make it run on XYZ configuration machines, then you might need this much space.

The Admiral package comes with 300 megabytes of space. It also comes with a root ftp server and pop3 mail server. Because you will be serving much more than just web pages, you'll need this kind of space. You might have a few dozen megabytes of files you want users to be able to download from your ftp site, and you might have 20 mailboxes set up for your employees, each of which might have a megabyte or two of waiting mail. Space quickly adds up, which is why we decided to give the Admiral package this much server space.

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